Atelier koeko

My name is Kathrin Oekonomopulos. I am an intuitive painter from Germany. I studied International Business, Management and Administration and later on Graphic Design at the Kunstschule Alsterdamm in Hamburg. I try to paint every free minute I can find.

Ever since my childhood painting has been my place of retreat and expression. I love to experiment, so my path to acrylic painting took me from watercolour to nude sketches and printing, pastels and mixed media.

„I paint what I feel.” studio

My artworks reflect the colours of my emotions. During my art sessions I rely on my intuition.

When preparing my work space I first and only select the different colours. Color is content and expression. I don‘t have presets or compositions nor a result pictured in my head.

I trust the flow when dipping the brush into pure colour. My feelings determine not only the colour palette but the total outcome. By painting like this I connect with my inner self. This connection is a moment of quiet peace of mind and resets my powers. Therefore every piece of art is a scenery of my soul.

„Every Emotion has a different colour, intensity and presence.”

I use acrylic paint. I like its character which can be used thick and strong but also soft and airy. It dries fast for second and third layers.

What I like very much at my art is the aspect that every viewer experiences the paintings differently and find new perspectives and associations. The artworks seem to also reflect the viewer’s current and past emotions. I love to hear every story.

To give more room for interpretation, viewers can rotate my art the way they like. Therefore I sign my works on canvas at the lower right OUTER corner to give a hint, how I see my works.

Thanks for dropping by!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
I am delighted to hear from you. sunshine studio